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Hey there! I love my breasts the most. People are saying that I'm really beautiful and smart although I have the kinkiest thoughts You can imagine, visit my show and You surely won't regret it.Hot and wild, always playful

role games and erotic stories

Fuck you in the museum Hello slaves! Lifestyle Mistress is here to torment your life! Talk to Me, be dominated by Me. Show Me what a naughty piggy you are. I love answering questions, and exploring fantasies. I love orgasm control, orgasm denial, cum denial, anal training, worship, forced blow jobs, forced bi, training, worship, being served and obeyed, BDSM lifestyle, slaves, slave training, cross-dressing, boys in frilly panties, cuckolds, dirty stories, lingerie and panty hose fetish, corsets, high heels, glamour, boot, foot worship, play & pay, bondage, brainwashing, exhibition, gas masks, straight jackets, hypnosis, blackmail, financial domination, mind , sex therapy, outdoor sex, riding crops, spanking, uniforms, voyeurism... these are my favorite tasty treats.

I love all submissive males and can find a use for each and every one of you. From sensual domination to hardcore blackmail and financial control, there is a place for you at my Mistress feet! I do have a personal love of hypnosis. I love controlling your mind, body and even the world around you. Hypnosis is amazing in the fact that I not only manipulate your mind but change your brain's way of processing stimuli completely. You will not be able to break away once my hypnosis techniques have been used on you! Oh pet, I know you fear my evil seedy side as well. Don't you wish to be my next victim?! I love teasing and denying you and making you do humiliating tasks just so I can blackmail you with them later! You will struggle and you will fight, but you can not beat the might that is Goddess Christine!

Men are good for one thing only........... to use. Ok, well laughing at them is fun too so I like to do that a lot also. Don't expect mercy and don't expect it your way. It's MY way and you had better get that straight from the beginning. I am NOT psychic, so don't expect me to instantly know what you need to be humiliated for. There are millions of things that make men inadequate and women superior, open your mouth or just take what I dish out. Talk to me horny and wet all the time i loves ands too ...

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I have a lot of fantaies well sex in public never did it but wanna try :D like feet fetish i love it pantyhoses and i have a good colection i like anal sex with my fingers dildo and my beads i like Atm other fantasie is squirt in a guy face never did it but wanna do it :P with other girl delicius i love eats and of course 3 one in for each hole ... Take a look at my nice, round titties. Imagine, you are teasing them gently. Later, you can lick my nipple nice and slow. As your desire turns you on, I will suck your hard so that I can ride you hot, or you can take me from behind... :)

Feel free to ask! What we do depends on the mood, the right time and personal vibrations.

Well, it would be great to get you tied up andd with a large one. I would suck your also. I wanna hear you scream as you beg for the next one... well can cum and spilt anywhere and fast as i can

i love having ropes and band

mm i love having sex in airplanes bathroom


Getting or receiving oral sex while I'm driving - that's what excites me the most.

Jinas tutor knows she needs some help

Jinas tutor knows she needs some help